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    50T crawler crane with guide rod, h

    PC200 excavator with guide rod, ham

    Water photovoltaic pile driver
    50T crawler crane with guide rod, hammer piling PC200 excavator with guide rod, hammer piling Water photovoltaic pile driver

    Quality comes from our pursuit of perfection

    use our professional technology to achieve your high quality products

    Production cost advantage

    Cost advantage refers to the company's products rely on low-cost higher than the profitability of other enterprises in the same industry

    Product technology advantage

    The technological advantage of an enterprise is the technical strength of owned by an enterprise than that of other competitors in the industry, and the ability of to study and develop new products.

    Product quality advantage

    Quality advantage refers to the company's products to higher than other companies similar products quality win the market, so as to gain a competitive advantage.

    Product service advantage

    Integrated twenty years of after-sales service experience, , to provide customers with perfect technical support, all aspects of service to customers.
    About Us

    DongtaiDongyue Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the main products are: DD series guide rod type diesel pile hammer, diesel hammer, walking pile machine, water piling machine and supporting winches, is ideal machinery for high-rise buildings, highway, railway, airport, water bridge, pier foundation engineering construction.

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    Mobile: 13905111115 Sales Department: 0515-85219242 Tel: 0515-85282678
    address: Jiangsu City, Dongtai province National Pioneer Park Southern District

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